Ed Steer’s Daily Analysis of the Gold and Silver Markets

After eight years of writing about the precious metals for Casey Research, the folks at Stansberry & Associates—who just recently purchased controlling interest in the company—decided that my ‘niche market’ column didn’t fit into their plans.

Since the time that Casey Research was kind enough to offer me a stand-alone column, it became their most highly-rated blog almost from the outset—and has remained that way up to this date.

Now that I’ve struck out on my own, I can reassure all my long-term and very loyal readers that absolutely nothing will change.  The content will remain exactly the same but, for obvious reasons, the page layout and website will have a slightly different appearance.

I will continue to offer the same daily in-depth analysis of the precious metal price action that I always have—bringing you completely up to date on everything you need to know to keep you current.  The ‘Critical Reads‘—“The Funnies/Photos“—and “The Wrap” will all be there as before, as will silver analyst Ted Butler’s quotes and comments.

With the very odd exception, there will be no advertising allowed on this website—no annoying pop-ups—and certainly no side-bar advertising selling the 21st century version of snake oil out of the back of a covered wagon.  My philosophy is that if I can’t make a go of it on content alone, then I shouldn’t be offering this service at all.

If you are a potential new subscriber that never followed my column while I was at Casey Research, feel free to click on the “Sample Column” tab above—and check out a copy of the five-days-per-week service I offer.

Of course, now that Casey Research isn’t paying the freight, I find it necessary to ask a small sum in return for 200+ columns a year.  Each one is an 7 to 8-hour undertaking, minimum, so it’s not like I slap this together in just a few minutes.

In closing, it would be remiss of me not to extend my heartfelt thanks to David Galland for hiring me to write for Casey Research in the first place.  This allowed me to develop my writing skills and confidence level to the point where I could leave the nest and fly on my own.  I will be forever in his debt.

– Ed Steer